How to protect yourself from cybercriminals

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In 2020, significant changes took place in the structure of crimes committed on the territory of the Rostv region, primarily due to a significant increase in the number of crimes in the field of IT technologies.
Of particular concern is the situation with the theft of funds from bank payment cards. Over 220 million rubles were stolen from cardholders.
Criminals regularly create new methods of illegal seizure of other people’s money, technologies are becoming more sophisticated, they often use methods of social engineering, which requires a modern response.

How to protect yourself from the activities of «cybercriminals»?

Update your software and operating system regularly.
Install antivirus software and update it regularly.
Use strong passwords.
Do not open attachments in spam emails.
Do not click on links in spam emails or sites you do not trust.
Do not provide personal information without making sure the transmission channel is secure.
Contact the company directly if you receive a suspicious request.
Check the addresses of the websites you visit carefully.
Review your bank statements carefully.