Description of the region and its Investment Attractiveness

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Rostov region has a number of competitive advantages, that create the prerequisites for attracting investments and successful progressive development.

The main ones are:

  • favorable geographical location, providing the region the name of the "gateway" of Russia to the countries of the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Caspian basins;
  • most important geopolitical significance of the region for Russia;
  • developed transport infrastructure, represented by federal railways and highways, sea and river ports, the international airport in Rostov-on-Don;
  • high natural-resource potential (temperate continental climate, 65% of land resources are black soils);
  • highly developed industry, and, above all, machine-building facilities;
  • rich raw material base for the processing industry;
  • wide range of mineral recourses;
  • availability of highly skilled and active workforce;
  • dynamically developing infrastructure of market institutions (banks, insurance, investment companies, leasing companies, etc.);
  • availability of the regulatory and legal framework that ensures the investment attractiveness of the region;
  • high consumer demand;
  • stable social and political situation.

The investment policy of the region is built in accordance with the 2030 Strategy of Social and Economic Development of Rostov region, the 2020 Strategy for Investment Development of Rostov region, and the state program of Rostov region "Economic Development and Innovative Economy" (subprogram "Creating favorable conditions for Attracting Investment in Rostov region").

The region has investment legislation that presupposes a whole set of preferences for potential investors.

The basis for the formation of the legislative framework in the investment sphere is based on the principles of unconditional compliance of the regional legislation with the Russian laws. This allows us to consolidate the funds of budgets of all levels to address the most important, priority tasks of both regional and federal significance.

Guarantees to investors:

  • Equal rights in the implementation of investment activities and obtaining state support
  • Openness and openness of the procedure for deciding on the provision of state support
  • The unhampered use of the received income from investments and money after payment of the relevant taxes and fees
  • The right to appeal court decisions, actions (omissions) of officials of public authorities
  • Compensation for losses caused as a result of illegal actions (omissions) of public authorities, local governments and their officials
  • Protection of investments during the whole term of the investment contract
  • The stability of terms and regime is guaranteed during the payback period of the investment project

Foreign investments in the territory of the region enjoy full and unconditional legal protection. Foreign investors have the right to invest in all sectors of the economy, engage in all types of activities, except for industries and areas, types of activities and territories of the region, for investment in which restrictions imposed by the legislation of the Russian Federation are introduced.