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The construction of the collector on the left bank of Rostov will be completed in November

Date: 08.09.2017

With the progress of the construction of the sewer collector, the governor got acquainted during the inspection trip on the objects of the engineering infrastructure of the left bank of Rostov-on-Don on September 7.

The construction of more than 11 kilometers of a pipeline with 11 pumping stations and more than a hundred wells started last year by Vasily Golubev's decision is planned to be completed by the end of November this year.

The application for joining the new networks has already been made by 67 consumers, their participation is expected in the construction of supply sewers.

"As a result, the left bank of the city of Rostov with recreation centers, restaurants and hotel complexes located here will not only become a civilized territory, but it will also be able to develop. I think, a good job in the Year of Ecology, "- said Vasily Golubev.

Simultaneously, preparations are being made for the design of sewerage in the left-bank zone within the boundaries of the Aksai district.

The substation "Sportivnaya", the cost of construction works of which amounted to more than 1 billion rubles, was put into operation in August. This is the most modern facility in Russia, told the energy sector. The capacity of the substation is 80 MegaVoltAmper - almost six times covers the needs of the stadium "Rostov-Arena" and is designed for the future.

The commissioning of a new electrical substation in full provides power supply to the left-bank facilities connected with the championship. But the most important thing, according to Vasiliy Golubev, is the power reserve, taking into account the development prospects of the left-bank part of Rostov.