The efforts of authorities at all levels, the employment service, trade unions and employers are combined to regulate the use of labor, and to develop effective employment in the region. The accumulated experience of interaction of all interested parties allows us to ensure a stable position in the regional labor market.

The Employment Service of the Rostov Region is 51 city and district employment centers. Each employment center is equipped with modern equipment, reference and information retrieval systems, and has access to the Internet. More than 900 employment specialists, professional consultants, lawyers, and psychologists provide government services to help citizens find work. More than 115 thousand people are employed annually with the help of employment service centers.

The composition of the unemployed at the beginning of 2013:

  • 59.9% are women;
  • 46.7% are villagers;
  • 22.8% - youth aged 16 to 29 years;
  • 73.2% are citizens with professional education.

Hotline phones work in all employment centers of cities and regions of the region.

The employment service exercises its authority within the framework of the regional long-term target program "Promotion of employment in the Rostov Region for 2012 - 2014".

The following main areas are planned to be implemented:

  • assisting citizens in finding suitable work, assisting employers in selecting the necessary workers (employment);
  • informing about the situation on the labor market;
  • organization of 700 job fairs and training jobs;
  • organization of paid public works;
  • organization of temporary employment of minor citizens aged 14 to 18 in their free time from studies;
  • promotion of self-employment of unemployed citizens;
  • vocational training, retraining and advanced training of unemployed citizens, including training in another locality;
  • the implementation of social payments to citizens recognized in the prescribed manner unemployed;
  • organization of vocational training, retraining and advanced training of women during parental leave until they reach the age of three years.

1. Key indicators
The number of unemployed (PDF, source: rostov.gks.ru)
The average annual number of people employed in the economy (PDF, source: rostov.gks.ru)
Economically active population aged 15-72 (PDF, source: rostov.gks.ru)

2. Operational information
The average number of employees (PDF, source: rostov.gks.ru)
Number of unemployed citizens (PDF, source: rostov.gks.ru)

3. Methodological notes
Methodical notes (PDF, source: rostov.gks.ru)

Source: rostov.gks.ru, donland.ru