Investment Development Strategy of the Rostov Region until 2030

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Rostov Region is one of the leading regions of the Russian Federation in attracting investments both in the domestic and world markets, with a developed engineering and transport infrastructure and financial market, an effective system of implementing administrative procedures and cooperation between the state and business to achieve social well-being, with a developed system of clusters and growth poles. All opportunities for the implementation of small and medium-sized businesses and innovative potential of the region are present.

The system of goals and objectives of investment development of the Rostov region

Goal 1. Ensuring the competitiveness of investment activity of the Rostov region at the level of the leading regions of Russia.

  • Removing infrastructure restrictions.
  • The development of a regional financial market.
  • Improving the efficiency of administrative procedures.
  • The development of public-private partnership.
  • The development of a system for attracting and supporting investment projects, providing state support.
  • Formation of an investment-oriented labor market.

Goal 2. Implementation of investment development priorities of the Rostov region.


  • The development of сluster.
  • The development of growth poles.
  • The development of small and medium enterprises.
  • The development of innovation.
  • The development of social investment.

The investment development strategy of the Rostov region until 2030 (hereinafter referred to as the Strategy) is developed with the aim of ensuring the accelerated development of the economy with investment resources, based on the sectoral, territorial, innovative and social priorities of the Rostov region.

The strategy defines a goal-setting system, including the vision, priorities, goals and objectives facing the investment sphere of the Rostov Region for the period until 2030.

Three investment development scenarios are developed in the strategy. They are based on the Scenario conditions of the long-term forecast of the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation, the Forecast of the long-term socio-economic development of the Rostov region until 2030, and the Forecast of the socio-economic development of the Rostov region for 2017 — 2019. A description is given and target values of the volume of investments in fixed assets for each scenario are indicated.

The strategy determines the mechanism for achieving the set goals, which includes an action plan, a system of indicators, the procedure for monitoring and control, the main participants and those responsible for implementation.

The list of large investment projects planned for implementation that have a systemic impact on the economic and social development of the region is presented in the Strategy.

The full text of the current version of the Investment Development Strategy of the Rostov Region until 2030 is presented below.


The investment development strategy of the Rostov region until 2030 was approved by a decree of the Government of the Rostov region from 31.07.2013 № 474 as amended from 23.12.2013 № 799, from 28.05.2014 № 397, from 23.10.2014 № 715, from 18.11.2015 № 92, from 03.02.2017 № 59