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On the industrial sector of the economy accounts for more 80% of innovative products


Interviews Governor V.Yu.Golubeva news agency "Interfax"

Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev said about the prospects of socio-economic sphere of region.

Moscow. October 11. INTERFAX.RU - Rostov region attracts investors diversified economies, powerful potential industrial, agricultural and transport and logistics complex. To Competitive advantages can be attributed complete gasification of the region, its sufficiency energy. About New possibilities for further development of the socio-economic sphere of region, creating the conditions for implementation of major investment projects, government activities in the region to improve the quality of life told in an interview to "Interfax-South" Rostov Region Governor Vasily Golubev.

- Vasily Yurevich, Quality Score life is one of the key characteristics of the development of the region determines its competitiveness. What attention pays the government to the development prospects of the Rostov region the territory of one of the largest in the Southern Federal District of the Russian Federation subjects?

- The question is really interesting. Quality of life is determined by several indicators, most important of which - well-being and health the inhabitant of our region. Thus, Rostov region - a region where the priority the quality of life necessary to put above the other factors of regional development. Implement it can through the dynamic development of all areas of the Rostov region. Rostov region covers an area of some European states. Therefore, on such a huge territory and the situation is different. Laid emphasis on development of the industry, which is focused on production of high-tech and high technology branches, thereby increasing productivity and in general can guarantee formation of a competitive economic model for the region. It concerns increasing production high-tech and knowledge-intensive industries improve productivity. More than 80 percent of innovative products on the Don accounts for today on the industrial sector of the economy.

- As one of the main socio-economic development of the Don region you think the investment attractiveness of municipalities?

- I am convinced that if the regional government will not contribute to the development of territories, to pay attention to investment programs that are implemented in the municipalities, there can be no question of a systematic development of the Rostov region in general.

Today we decide questions of life support and implement the region major program to develop housing and communal services, water supply and sewerage. Accordingly, we create opportunities for bindings in the territory of a new business. In parallel with this new water quality a person receives who lives in Rostov-on-Don and in the south-eastern part of the region. This comfortable state of health of the population and municipalities. We are moving along this path, considering it the most optimal in the interests regional development.

Questions, of course, exist, but we know where to come and what should we target.

- Rostov region will have time to prepare for the FIFA World Cup?

- Certainly. We began active preparations in the current year and the budget in 2014 to make the necessary expenditure on preparation. Plays an important role in the preparation of the active involvement of the City Hall for the championship Rostov-on-Don.

Surely must be very responsible and thoughtful organizational component of the mayor's office in Rostov-on-Don as the main city, which will host matches of the group stage. Will demand precise execution of all programs in preparation for the World Cup.