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Mayor of Rostov supports large investment projects


In the administration of Rostov spoke of global changes that are coming in soon. Year-round water park on Nagibina avenue, which will be opened in July 2013, will be the first water-entertainment center in the south of Russia of this scale. And above all it needed parking area. In addition, eight years after standing around the cinema building "Jubilee" for three years, to be transformed into a modern facility with three cinemas.

Everythihg  is investment projects that have been supported in Rostov city hall. And city officials met with entrepreneurs to help get back on their feet. In the construction of all-weather water park on Nagibin Administration Don capital has already contributed - has allocated money for the reconstruction of the complex adjacent to the Water Street schoolyard. This will help to alleviate traffic congestion. At the meeting of the leaders of the park were asked to pay more attention to the organization of car parking.

"This is a big project. It includes visits to about 2 thousand people a day and diversity it offers hope that it will be in great demand the Rostov. These services will be needed and will be really comfortable. More problematic issue we rang for the construction of a new parking lot. It should stay on Budyonnovsk near Gorky Park. arhitektrunyh There are flaws in the solutions. Today We gave orders that these issues have been resolved, "- said the deputy mayor of Rostov-on-Don Victor noise.