Legal acts in the field of anti-corruption have been adopted and are valid in the Rostov region.

According to the report on the results of anti-corruption monitoring as of January 1, 2012 for the implementation of the Regional long-term target program “Combating corruption in the Rostov region” for 2010 - 2014, funding from the regional budget of the Rostov region in the amount of 1,940.0 thousand rubles was provided for 2011 year.

1,736.8 thousand rubles were spent, including: at the expense of the regional budget of the Rostov region - 1,736.8 thousand rubles, or 89%.

The savings following the results of the auction amounted to 203.2 thousand rubles, or 11%. The program activities are fully implemented.

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Economic policy and security of the Rostov region.

Economic security and measures to ensure it in accordance with the concept of economic policy of the Rostov region are as follows:

1. The essence of economic security consists in the possibility and ability of the economy to gradually improve the quality of life of the population at the level of generally accepted standards, withstand the influence of internal and external threats at the optimal cost of all types of resources and the sustainable use of natural factors, ensure the socio-economic and socio-political stability of the region.

2. The region’s economic security strategy consists in determining the nature of external and internal threats to its economic well-being, in creating a data bank on conditions and factors that pose a danger to the vital economic interests of the region’s population, market entities and creating an effective mechanism for authorities to respond to identifying economic threats security.

3. The definition of external and internal threats is necessary to identify priorities and criteria for economic security, reflect the severity of real problems, assess their importance for the survival of the region.

4. The formation of a databank of conditions and factors that pose a danger to the life of the region is possible using appropriate indicators.

An analysis of its key indicators is used to measure and evaluate the economic security of the region. Assessment of the region’s economic growth rates by the main meso-economic indicators, forecasting the dynamics of their change is carried out. An expert assessment, which serves to describe the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the investigated processes, is carried out. Optimization methods, pattern recognition, game-theoretic methods of multivariate statistical analysis are used. An analysis of the main economic indicators of regional security in comparison with their threshold values ​​is most often used.

5. The system of measures to prevent threats to regional security of the scenario for overcoming the crisis is considered advisable to take as a determining core. This scenario should be adapted to the specifics of the sectoral structure of the industrial and territorial complex of the region as a whole and have variability.

Department of Economic Security and Anti-Corruption
Head: Police Colonel Basov Sergey Viktorovich
Postal address: Stachki Avenue, 184/1, Rostov-on-Don, 344090
Phones of the secretariat: (863) 249-41-54, 249-40-44

Commissioner for the Protection of the Rights of Entrepreneurs in the Rostov Region

Dereza Oleg Vladimirovich

Rostov-on-Don, 344002, M. Gorky street, 143
Tel./fax. (863) 240-93-59